About us

Daly Morgan & Associates Pty Ltd (est. 1994)

  • Daly Morgan & Associates forms part of The Daly Morgan Group of Companies.
  • Daly Morgan & Associates specialises in the recovery of debt for leading medical corporates and private medical practices throughout South Africa
  • Our dynamic Billings Bureau and Practice Management Service allieviates the busy healthcare provider of the difficult task of overseeing his or her practice.

Our Processes:

Step One

On receipt of your accounts, a fax or e-mail will be sent to you acknowledging receipt thereof. Please contact us immediately if any accounts have gone missing.

Step Two

Accounts are evaluated and then allocated to the most suitable collector. Our experienced staff will recommend the appropriate collections process for each unique debtors profile.

Step Three

Collectors follow their assigned workflow for the recovery of debt. The process is directed and managed through the sending of letters, SMS messages, e-mails and making telephone calls.

Step Four

Our state of the art management software allows us to seamlessly monitor all arrangements and record all defaulting payments for immediate action.

Step Five

If the need arises internal tracing will be done to obtain information on the debtor, at no extra charge.

Step Six

If the debtor is reluctant to settle the debt, they will be blacklisted unless instructed otherwise. The adverse report against the debtors’ name will only be removed once the account has been settled in full.

Please take note of the following:

No accounts can be accepted for collections that are older than 3 years and we cannot accept any accounts that are in dispute.

We require a clean copy of the outstanding account and if possible, a separate patient detail form, a copy of the main members ID/ drivers license and a copy of the medical aid card.

The commission charged by DMA is payable by yourselves and not by your debtor.

We do not accept any WCA claims for collection.

Once an account has been received by our offices, we do not accept cancellations- no accounts will be handed back.

New practices should be aware that it takes at least 6 weeks to see a response in your first handover.

Please ensure that we are notified immediately of any payments made to your practice. This will help us keep control of the collection of the account. This needs to be sent to us in writing.

We suggest that a note is made on your statement message column informing the patient that the account is about to be handed over to DMA.

Please contact DMA before accepting a payment at your rooms to find out the full amount outstanding. This will include fees due.

Handed over accounts that we discover have been paid already to the practice will be charged for.

An account will only be written off if there are insufficient details or we have been instructed by yourselves to cancel.

The commission charged by DMA is payable by yourselves and not by your debtor, this amount can be debited.

Contact Us

  • Address: Building 7, Parc Nicol
    3001 William Nicol Drive,
    Bryanston, Johannesburg
  • Phone: +27 11 548 7400
  • Email: info[at]dalymorgan.co.za
  • Website:www.dalymorgan.co.za