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Corporate Debt Collection Services

Debt collection can be difficult and it is best to remain on top of your outstanding accounts, engaging the services of reliable & reputable debt collection agency.

Medical Debt Collection

Debt collection can be difficult and it is best to remain on top of your outstanding accounts, engaging the services of reliable & reputable debt collection agency

Practice Management

Our attention is focused on reducing your practice's operating costs, increasing your profitability and enhancing the efficiency of the practice.

About us

Daly Morgan & Associates Pty Ltd (est. 1995)

· Daly Morgan & Associates forms part of the Daly Morgan Group of Companies.

· We provide debt management and collections services to leading corporates and private practices, throughout South Africa, in the healthcare industry.

· Our efficient debt collection service uses advanced technology and our own sophisticated debt administrative system (DAS) to meet the needs of our customers.

· Our staff have extensive field experience and expert legal and ethical knowledge in dealing with debtors.

· Daly Morgan has gained the distinction amongst medical practitioners as the premier provider in medical collection services. We are associated with quality and are renowned for exceptional standards.

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22 Years

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What are PMB's?

PMBs are a set of defined benefits which ensure that all medical scheme members have access to certain minimum health services, regardless of the benefit option they have selected. By law, Medical schemes are required to pay the costs of PMBs obtained by a member from specified providers in full...


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Understanding POPI Act

While the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act doesn't replace the HPCSA’s existing guidelines on safeguarding confidential patient data, POPI does affect all private and public organisations that process information such as names, addresses, email addresses, health information and employment...


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NHI - what are your thoughts?

South Africans should be outraged and incensed that the government is seeking to nationalise medical care.

The proposals in the National Health Insurance (NHI) White Paper, if adopted, would prove to be an unmitigated disaster, not only for health care in SA...


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